"The translation of 'I'll try' is 'I'm not committed'."
- Robin Sharma

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about Executive Coaching in Milton KeynesBased in Milton Keynes we cover London, Milton Keynes and Birmingham.


Mike Jones BSc(Hons) MBPsS
Founder Director of Potential Matters.

Mike Jones Executive Coach Milton Keynes 

“I get a real buzz from helping people discover strength within themselves, unlocking potential they didn’t even know they had.”
With over 25 years in the IT sector Mike has held key positions in operations, marketing, sales and general management.
Having supplied complex software solutions, consultancy and training to a range of industry sectors including banking, utilities, transportation and defence , Mike brings a wealth of experience and business understanding to his coaching role.
Having worked in a variety of organisations from small start-ups with full autonomy to multi-national billion-dollar companies with matrix-managed organisations, Mike can immediately empathise with the wide range of challenges faced by leaders and senior managers.