Onboarding of new hire executives and senior managers

Transitional coaching giving support through the onboarding processCompanies spend a lot of time and money finding and recruiting the best candidates for senior management positions; then typically, once the new person starts, they give very little in the way of support. They’re given a desk, introduced to a few people and given a few short term goals.

Research shows that it can take over six months for someone to have ‘paid off’ the full cost and disruption caused by them being hired and to have reached the point where they are generating positive value of the company.

The need for coaching as a key part of the onboarding plan

 On day one at a new company the candidate is faced with a number of challenges:

  • they don’t know the organisation and don’t have knowledge of the informal networks within the organisation
  • they do not know the company culture and what is expected of them within that culture
  • they lack an internal track record and will therefore lack credibility
  • they will be viewed as an outsider
The danger of this without proper transitional planning is that:
  • they come in with assumption and answers which may or may not be suitable
  • they risk alienating people
  • they possibly assume what has worked elsewhere will also work here
  • they miss existing opportunities
  • they also miss ticking time-bombs
  • they fail to gain consensus

The value of effective onboarding

What if that transition from new recruit to value-adding key-player could be speeded up; allowing them and everyone around them to function more effectively and efficiently in a shorter time?

Although it may take six months to really start providing value, a new employer is likely to be judging how they are fairing up as they go along and will expect to see definite results by the end of three months. That first 90 days is therefore critical and transitional coaching as a key part of the onboarding process and a powerful way of maximising the potential of the new manager.


Transitional Coaching can provide the catalyst for the new manager to fully assess not only what is urgent, but also what is important for the medium and longer term. It allows them to plan their time wisely to focus on what is needed when. 

Making coaching part of your onboarding process

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