"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
- Charles Darwin

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Star Potential - Talent Management to discover and nurture your Best people

using Talent Management to identify the Best people in Milton KeynesThe Need

Who are your stars? Who are your best people? All too often companies look outside to recruit good people when there is plentiful talent within. The problem is they don’t realise it’s there and don’t have ways of finding it.

Do you cultivate potential or hope it will emerge? Talent is all around us, yet seldom utilised to its fullest extent. Some shining lights will appear; however others with potential will wither or leave, resulting in the large expense of having to recruit outside when the talent you needed was already sitting there waiting to be discovered. 

Failing to recognise and develop your Best people may result in them leaving to find more challenging and rewarding jobs in other organisations; it’s then too late to develop their potential.

The Challenges

The difficultly, of course, is identifying who your Best people are; and even before that, defining what is Best. Who is best placed to define what is "Best"?

Trying to base your analysis on values or attitudes is problematic; it needs to be something you can measure.  Best is when someone does precisely what the job requires. However what the job requires over time can change so you also need people who are both flexible and have potential for change. You want people who have ability (demonstrated by their current performance) and capability (potential performance).

The Solution

You need to identify the key roles in your organisation and then define what ‘best’ is for those roles. To know if someone is best, their ability needs to be observable, so the role has to be defined by the required behaviours for the role and not by the responsibilities that a traditional job specification might contain.

Once those behaviours have been identified they can be matched to the people you have in place. Where there are short-falls, coaching and training can be used to bring out best behaviour. Where there are mismatches you may have people who are valuable, but in the wrong role for their abilities; their behaviours are far more suited to another role in which they could excel and be far happier.

Discovering and nurturing your Best people maximises the potential you already have.

Developing a Talent Management Process

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